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The journey.

There is something I would like to share and it is about my journey to gain knowledge. It starts when I was in primary school. Teacher gives me high expectation to excellent in examination. Whatever I do, it is for the sake of ‘A’ in examination. At last, I only get 2A instead of 5A but I accept it based on my effort. When I jump into secondary school, I hope it will be a change, which is study for the sake of knowledge. It is totally wrong. In secondary school also, we were taught to get many ‘A’ to secure our future and we as a student accept all the advice. Teacher asks us to remember all formula, answer without knowing their ascent and we follow it blindly. After we got a result, it is still the same, we write on the paper what we remember, not from our own idea. I am feeling lucky because in form 4, I was move to another secondary school. At here I learn so many thing. From sincerity, study for the sake of knowledge itself and anything. I don’t think all student was affected by the…