The journey.

Running non-stop to gain knowledge
There is something I would like to share and it is about my journey to gain knowledge. It starts when I was in primary school. Teacher gives me high expectation to excellent in examination. Whatever I do, it is for the sake of ‘A’ in examination. At last, I only get 2A instead of 5A but I accept it based on my effort.
            When I jump into secondary school, I hope it will be a change, which is study for the sake of knowledge. It is totally wrong. In secondary school also, we were taught to get many ‘A’ to secure our future and we as a student accept all the advice. Teacher asks us to remember all formula, answer without knowing their ascent and we follow it blindly. After we got a result, it is still the same, we write on the paper what we remember, not from our own idea.
            I am feeling lucky because in form 4, I was move to another secondary school. At here I learn so many thing. From sincerity, study for the sake of knowledge itself and anything. I don’t think all student was affected by the system, maybe I am the one who did not have awareness regarding this thing. From my new school, i start to realize that our success today will not determine our future. We study because of knowledge, nothing hidden agenda but sometime ourselves keep asking about the purpose.
            There was a turning point that makes me change, a story that I will always remember. The story begins in From 4, at the middle of school session. There was a big examination and my friend and I prepare for the examination hardly. We study all day-night and only stop for eat, pray and sleep. When the day comes, with all the preparation, I answered all the question with confidence but I still forget to do something that’s important. When the result was publishing, I was little bit shocked and sad. From 289 students, my name was putted at the end of the list. What was your feeling if you are in my place? After that I start to complain, why this thing happen and why me? I could not rationalize myself and lastly, I try to forget that things until one fine day.
            We need to learn from experience. This thing taught me to rationalize every single thing. I went to ‘Pondok’ in Ramadan after the examination in the school break. At there, I see a lot of people who want to get the knowledge for the sake of Allah. I also can see their scarification when one of the students who came from Ipoh to ‘Pondok’ at Baling, Kedah. They did not mind about their money and time to visit there and buy a lot of book. There are also the one who are slow-learner but with effort they still manage to get the knowledge. The person that I respect the most is the one who still thirst for knowledge even though he or she has high status, rich and any other bounty. Allah sent me a right person at the right time. He knows the best for his servant.
            From situation above, we can learn that no matter how far the place is, no matter how much money we spend, no matter how much we fall and no matter what boundaries ahead, we still need to face all of these challenges bravely. We believe that everyone has potential if given opportunity. So, everyone has opportunity to choose either to step up or to stay in same comfort zone. There still a lot of things that we need to fulfill such as our sincerity, sacrifice and honesty in our life.
There are one story that i want to share and it is about what i learn when i teach students from orphan. Every Tuesday and Wednesday, my friend and i will rent a car and heading to Rumah Kasih Keramat. Our team come from different background but we still have the same mission, we want to counter the problem of illiteracy among student and our target is kids from orphan because they did not have chance to get full access in education.
One day, when we came there, one of the kids sit in front of me and ask me to draw a house. After that, i ask him to write name and draw something else. Nature to the child is they will keep asking even though they ask an illogical question. What inspire me is the way he ask the question, how inquiry a young child who did not know much but want to know everything. When we going back, i ask my team, why when we are young, we did ask everything but when we adult we try to keep the question as a secret. Then, the question is failed to be answer by everyone. We let the night breeze diminish the question.
            My mom ask me one question when I drive back to house, when you buy a lot of book, did you read all of them? That’s question really make me shock. For the being, I am just bought the entire book without thinking when I will finish the entire book. For the last lesson, I just read a book while I struggling to finish this assignment, the book inspire me to have a reading session when free time. Usually family will sit in front of television to spend their free time but I hope I will have a family who willingly make a reading session during their free time.