Kolej ku Dulu :)

ALMOST 2 years in KISAS. what a great place. it's a supremacy. epitome. the alma mater. magnificent.

I've been to thousands of places in my life (though those 'thousands' aren't even close to ten on an elderly) but believe me there's nowhere like it.

I learnt life
HERE. I mean, yeah, it's not like my WHOLE life, maybe some 60%.

You learn great things, do great things, achieve great knowledge, experience great events, meet great people, everything great. They're not great just because they're great, its because KISAS the became great. I meet great people here, not because they're borned great but because in KISAS they grow to become great. I experienced great events, not because the SBT thing, but because great people do great things. I get great knowledge not because it's here but it's because in KISAS I started to seek for it.

And I keep hoping for great things to happen. However, perfection is far more impossible than you expected. Yeah, I learnt this thing in KISAS though~

Perfection is not about being perfect, its' about what you DO to become perfect

Cuz we all know being perfect is impossible, but approaching it isn't.

I'll be missing this place like damn.

That all for this post :)
Thanks !

-Aiman Uslim-