Sunday, November 24, 2013

Nice view from Tumblr.

Dan tiadalah duduk setempat bagi orang cerdik dan beradab itu dianggap sebagai rehat.

Tinggalkanlah tanah air dan mengembaralah.

Berkelanalah, engkau akan dapat pengganti orang yang kamu tinggalkan. 

Berusahalah, kerana keindahan hidup itu ada pada berpenat- penatan.

Aku melihat air yang tenang bertakung, mencemar kandungannya sendiri.
Sekiranya ialah mengalir, ia akan baik, sekiranya ia tidak mengalir,tercemar.

"Imam As-Syafie"

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Pinjam gambar. haha
Aku sedar siapa diriku,
Aku dah tahu siapa aku,
Aku sedar dan berasa malu,
Aku sangatlah mahu...


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Why I Hate School But Love Education

So you get a degree
Let me tell you what society will tell you:
Increases your chances of getting a job,
Provides you an opportunity to be successful,
Be a lot less stressful,
Education is the key.
Now let me tell you something your parents will tell you:
Make me proud,
Increases your chances of getting a job,
Provides you an opportunity to be successful,
Your life will be a lot less stressful,
Education is the key.
Now let's look at the statistics,
Steve Jobs - net worth seven billion R.I.P,
Richard Branson - net worth four point two billion,
Oprah Winfrey - two point seven billion,
Mark Zuckerberg, Henry Ford, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates
Now here comes the Coup de grĂ¢ce,
Looking at these individuals, what's your conclusion?
Neither of them in being successful,
Ever graduated from a higher learning institution.
Now some of you may be like,
Money is only the medium by which we measure worldly success,
And some of you even have the nerve to say
"I don't do it for the money."
So what you studying for?
To work for a charity?
Need more clarity?
Let's look at the statistics:
Malcolm X,
Mother Teresa,
Jesse Owens,
Muhammad Ali,
Sean Carter,
Michael Jeffrey Jordan,
Michael Joseph Jackson.
Were either of these people unsuccessful... or... uneducated?
All I'm saying is that,
If there was a family tree hard work and education would be related,
But school would probably be a distant cousin,
Because if education is the key,
School is the lock,
Because it rarely ever develops your mind to the point where it can perceive red as green and continue to go when someone else said stop.
Because as long as you follow the rules and pass exams your cool,
But are you aware that examiners have a checklist,
And if your answer is something outside the box then the automatic response is a cross,
And then they claim that school expands your horizons and your visions,
Well tell that to Malcolm X who dropped out of school and is world renowned for what he learn in a prison.

It does a fool no good to spend money on an education,
Because he has no common sense.
George Bush. Need I say more?
Education is about inspiring one's mind,
Not just filling their head,
And take this from me because I'm an 'Educated' man myself,
Who only came to this realization after countless nights in the library,
With a can of red bull keeping me awake till morning,
Another can in the morning,
Falling asleep between piles of books that probably equates to the same amount I spent on my rent,
Memorize equations, facts and dates,
Write down to the letter,
Half of which I would never remember,
And half of which I would forget straight after the exam,
Before the start of the next semester,
Asking anyone if they had notes for the last lecture.
I often found myself running to class,
Just so I could find a spot on which I could rest my head and just sleep without making a scene,
Ironic because that's the only time I ever spent in university chasing my dreams.
And then after nights with a dead-mind,
I'd den find myself in a queue of half-awake students, zombies,
Waiting to hand in an assignment,
Maybe that's why they call it a deadline.
And then after three years of mental suppression,
And frustration,
My "Proud Mother" didn't even turn up to my graduation.
Now, I'm not saying that school is evil and there's nothing to gain,
All I'm saying is: understand your morals and re-assess your aims,
If you want a job working for someone else then help yourself,
But then that would be a contradiction because you wouldn't really be helping yourself,
You'd be helping somebody else,
There's a saying that is: if you don't build your dreams, someone else will hire you to help build theirs.
Redefine how you view education,
Understand it's true meaning,
Education is not just about regurgitating facts from a book,
Or someone else's opinion on a subject to pass an exam,
Look at it.
Picasso was educated at creating art,
Shakespeare was educated in the art of all that was written,
Colonel Harland Sanders was educated in the art of creating Ken Tucky Fried Chicken.
I once saw David Beckham take a free kick,
I watched as the side of his Adidas-sponsored boot hit the patent leather of the ball at an angle,
Which caused it to travel towards the skies as though it was destined for the heavens,
And then as it reached the peek of it's momentum,
As though it changed it's mind,
It switched directions.
I watched as the goalkeeper froze,
As though reciting to himself the laws of physics,
And as though his brain was negotiating with his eyes,
That was indeed witnessing the spectacle that was the leather swan that was swooping towards it,
And then reacted,
Though only a fraction of a millisecond too late,
And before the net of the goal,
Embraced the Fifa-Sponsored ball as though it was the prodigal son returning home,
And the country, that I live in, Erupted into cheers,
I looked at the play and thought,
Looking at David Beckham,
There's more than one way in this world to be,
An educated man.

From : Suli Breaks

Friday, November 15, 2013


Masjid DQ, Kuala Kubu Baru

The rules for examinations too are not without controversy. One is the silly requirement for candidates to state their race and religion. This adds to the general unease and suspicion that such information would be used for sinister purposes. Get rid of that unnecessary data.

These examination bodies have not done any research to validate their tests. There are no longitudinal studies correlating students’ performances on these tests and their later college careers. Nor are there studies to validate the internal consistency of the tests, or correlating them with class performance. Similarly there are no detailed analyses of the questions to differentiate between the truly discriminative ones from those that are not. The best questions are obviously those that are answered correctly by the top scorers; the worse or least discriminative are those answered correctly at random. The only way to discover this is to subject each question to statistical analysis. Such analyses would help the examiners get rid of useless, non-discriminative questions and enhance the overall quality of the tests.

Examination bodies can do more than simply grade students and be their gatekeepers. The data they generate could help parents in making their choices; schools in monitoring their performances; and the ministry to guide where to focus its resources.

A part of article by : Bakri Musa

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Maknakan Hidup.

Hidup bukan hanya berlegar di alam fana sahaja tapi akan ada alam baqa, dari hidup dunia kepada hidup akhirat. Percayalah bahawa pengakhiran kita adalah nikmat kemenangan (Syurga), terpulang kepada kita untuk mencorakannya. Maknakan kehidupan anda.

Aku yang berdosa

Langkawi Cable car

Tatkala usia muda dipenuhi dengan dosa noda,
Hadir nya cahaya penuhi ruangan gelita.
Tatkala sahabat mengadu domba,
Aku hanya pejamkan mata.

Aduh, berdosanya aku !

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate (Suli Breaks)


Right now

There is a kid finishing parents' evening in a heated discussion with his mother
Saying, why does he have to study subjects he will never ever use in his life?
And she will look at him blanked eyed, stifle a sigh, think for a second and then lie
She'll say something along the lines of:
"You know to get a good job, you need a good degree and these subjects will help you get a degree, we never had this opportunity when I was younger".
And he will reply:
"But you were young a long time ago, weren't you mum?"
And she won't respond although what he implies makes perfect sense that societies needs would have changed since he was 16
But she will ignore him, grip his hand more sternly and drag him to the car
What she doesn't know is that she didn't ignore him just to shut him up
She didn't lie because they are just returning him from parents' evening
And an argument in the hallway would look bad on her resume
She won't lie because she had just spent the last one hour convincing a stern face teacher that she would ensure that her child studies more at home
No! She will lie simply, because she does not know any better herself
Although all her adult life, she has never used or applied
Pythagorean theorem, Pathetic fallacy, and does not know the value of "X"
She will rely society to tell her child who has one of the sharpest mind in the school, is hyperactive, unfocused, easily distracted and wayward


How many equations, subjects and dates did you memorize just before an exam never to use again?
How many "A" grades did you get, which were never asked for when applying for a job?
How many times have you remembered something 5 minutes just after the teacher said: "Stop writing"
Only to receive your results a month later to realize that you were only 1 mark short of the top grade?
Does that mean remembering 5 minutes earlier would've made you more qualified for a particular job?
Well, on an application form it would have
We all have different abilities, thought processes, experiences and genes
So why is a class full of individuals tested by the same means?
So that means Cherrelle thinks she's dumb, because she couldn't do a couple sums
And if this issue is not addressed properly, it then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy
Then every school has the audacity to have policy on equality
Huh, the irony!

Exams are society's methods of telling you what you're worth

But you can't let society tell you what you are
Cause this is the same society that tells you that abortion is wrong, but then looks down on teenage parents!
The same society that sells products to promote nature hair, looks and smooth complexion with the model on the box, half photoshopped, and has fake lashes and hair extensions
With pastors that preach charity, but own private jets
Imams that preach against greed, but are all fat
Parents that say they want "educated kids" but constantly marvel at how rich Richard Branson is
Governments, that preach peace, but endorse war, that say they believe so much in the importance of higher education and further learning
Then why increase tuition fees every single year?
I believed Miss Jefferson when she took me into the office, said that my exams would be imperative to my success
Because we were taught to always follow when Miss Jefferson led
Then I took Jefferson out of the equation and learned to think for myself
I realized, we were always taught to follow when misled
Huh, the irony!

Test us with tests, but the finals are never final

Because they never prepare us for the biggest test which is survival!
And what I suggest is fairly outlandish
So I don't expect everyone to understand this
Except for the kid that knows what it feels like to be worth no more than that D or that A that you get on results day
And the ones whose best stories were never good enough for your English teacher
Because apparently you missed out key literal techniques
Did not follow the class plan,
And the language was too "informal" for him to understand
But then he'd reference Hamlet and Macbeth
And you'd fight the urge to express your contempt by partially clenching your fist with only your medius finger left protruding in the middle of your hand
And asking if he was aware that Shakespeare was known as the innovator of slang
Or the kid at the back of the class who thinks:
"Why am I studying something that doesn't fuel my drive?"
But when confronted with a maths problem his eyes come alive

So this one is for my generation,

the ones who found what they were looking for on Google,
the ones who followed their dreams on Twitter,
Pictured their future on Instagram, accepted destiny on Facebook.
This one's for my "failures" and "dropouts", for my unemployed graduates, my shop assistants, cleaners and cashiers with bigger dreams,
My self-employed entrepreneurs, my world-changers and my dream-chasers!
Cause the purpose of "Why I hate school, but love education" was not to initiate a worldwide debate,
But to let them know that whether 72 or 88, 44 or 68,
We will not let exam results decide our fate


Saturday, November 09, 2013

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Mulakan Hari ini

Bila hari ini dilalui penuh  dengan ujian dan cabaran.
Ingatlah ! hari hari mendatang Allah pastikan jelmakan kebahagian.

Ibarat datangnya Pelangi selepas hujan.
Nice bukan (:

Enjoy this inspiring song.

(Pra-Dengar Sahaja, Harap Maaf)

Ku lihat matamu ada mendung duka
Luka semalam
Usahlah bersedih
Pasti Tuhan menggantikan bahagia

Mulakanlah hari ini
Dengan wajah ceria
Syukur kerna dirahmati
Redha dan berusaha

Gagal tak bermakna rebah selamanya
Sirna harapan
Masih ada waktu
Bangkit dan mengejar impian gemilang

Mulakanlah hari ini
Dengan wajah ceria
Syukur kerna dirahmati
Redha dan berusaha

Pada Tuhan tawakkallah
Penuh yakin di jiwa
Moga nyata cita-cita
Telah lama didamba

Usah beralah terus melangkah
Berbekal doa dan segenggam tabah
Detik dinanti pasti akan tiba
Kita kecapi nikmat kejayaan

Sang suria yang bersinar
Bawa harapan baru
Bukakanlah jendelamu
Bina impian megah

Pada Tuhan tawakkallah
Penuh yakin di jiwa
Moga nyata cita-cita
Telah lama didamba

Monday, November 04, 2013

Bintang Syurga - UNIC feat Raqib Majid

Salam Sejahtera

Terkesan. Tersentuh. Terkesima.
Hayati makna lirik ini.

Bintang Syurga - UNIC feat Raqib Majid


Biar darah jadi baja
Biar tulangku menjadi tonggaknya
Islam tetap di puncak
Biar imanku terus melonjak
Aku tegar 
Aku rela
Sekalipun aku dihenyak 

Burung-burung hijau terbang
Oh ku tenang melayang
Syurga firdausi menunggu ku datang 
Bidadari pun tersenyum
Merindu cumbu harum 
Di saat cinta mekarku bercantum
Pergiku tak kembali
Kerana memburu nikmat syurgawi
Itulah yang hakiki itu yang abadi
Dan ku tidak mati
Bahkan hidup dengan rezki dari Ilahi
Kejayaan (kejayaan)
Kebahagiaan (kebahagiaan)
Bintang syuhada yang dirindukan
Datang datanglah wahai syahid 
Dambaan mujahid
Aku relakan sakit yang sedikit
Dari tahanan sementara
Biar aku nestapa
Demi bahagia untuk selamanya.