Holiday #2

It was a holiday. I'm going to play futsal with my friend who fly from kelantan to visit Peneng. I'm not playing for a long time. So, a little bit tired. After that, we had been watching World Cup, Germany VS Portugal. It was tough game but germany deserve it.

It was a fine day. They planing to visit a water park, The Carnival at Sungai Petani. We enjoy playing there from 12pm Untill 4pm. Its being so long not playing with water even the place is not big enough. After that we meet our friend at Hussein Restaurant, we didn't taking any single food while playing with the water. So, we get revenge there. After that, we went back to hometown. Along way back, we was enjoyed by Radio Pi Mai, "Lagu mana pun untuk hampa". That's was wonderful. I'm happy.

Latest news, I got better pointer than last semester. From 2 to 3, its good enough even there is still need improvement but I'm appreciated what had I been do before. Pray for the semester and I'm still on my to a big month, Ramadan. May I have "Jalan-jalan Ramadan" ? Ameen.